Beginners Guide: How To Perfectly Swing A Golf Club - Part I

There are two circles or sweeps which actually, attached together, form the golf swing. First is provided through twist of the body (I call that the horizontal sweep) and the Second one is attached by the arms lifting the club up over the right shoulder; this I call the vertical sweep. I desire to reach out to the player’s attention to a number of facts concerning them which might be tips and hints in understanding the functions of each.

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These two forces are considered the most essential items in the stroke, and the mechanical problem they offer requires some well calculation to work out properly in the player’s mind.

To start off with, I do not consider that many players realize the importance of the bearing of these two distinct forces upon the swing, as well as what the function of each is. As our pivot or center must remain fixed in order that we may be able to see the ball clearly, as well as to have that pivot remain constant with regards to its distance from the ball, we should always remember that the pivot is situated between the shoulders, as it is through the shoulders and arms that the power is instantly transferred onto the club.

We'll now consider the vertical swing or circle, for that is the one that leads to the maximum amount of trouble to players, as it is the preponderance of it which ends up in pulling in the hands. To make this point perfectly clear I suggest that you try the following experiment: address the ball in your usual manner and eliminate everything which does not pertain to a vertical swing in making your stroke; that is to say, every item that have anything in the nature of a horizontal or parallel-with-the-ground movement.

You will observe that you certainly will merely raise your club up over your head and bring it down again. If you will notice carefully you will definitely observe that in an effort to keep from slapping the ground you will need to draw in your hands. You will observe that the club head goes out beyond the ball as you lift up your club away from the ground, and you'll also observe, on your downward swing, that the vertical sweep is making your club cut the line along which you certainly wish to send the ball, at right angles. To finish up the vertical circle or swing you have to draw in your hands.

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